How i love him
"A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey"
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Vor 6 Monaten sind wir bis 3 Uhr nachts geblieben und hatten jede menge Gesprächsstoff. Jetzt weiß ich nicht mal mehr, wie ich hallo sagen soll.

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"You had me, all of me. And you decided that I wasn’t enough, that you needed more, so you left. And I want you to know that one day, I will be. I will work for it. I will sweat and I’ll bleed. I’ll be more than enough, I’ll be more than you need. And you’ll wish for me, but you won’t have me."
I’ll never be yours again. Don’t ever ask for me. (via lieandsneak)

Just Reminding You by J. Astra Brinkmann on Flickr.

ever dreamt so far
Most scary night of my life

Oh well great. Now I have to go to the hospital in Madagascar because I take Lariam and I’m hallucinating because of it.